Friday, February 26, 2010

Vivian Mayer (Vivian Maier, 1926-2009)

Vivian Mayer (Vivian Maier, 1926-2009) was one of the biggest discoveries of modern photography in recent years. During the 40 years she worked as a governess in American families, and in his spare time taking pictures of street life with enthusiasm for medium format Rolleiflex. It is amazing that she did not care about the publication of his shots, but still carefully kept the shot of the film. Meyer Archive has over 100 000 negatives, and the first part of it was accidentally bought at auction for just $ 400.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Mark Ryden

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In Bloom Ankle Corsets Tatted Lace Accessories by TotusMel

Jonathan Bartlett - Artwork - She Don't Know Part II - Nucleus | Art Gallery and Store

Jonathan Bartlett - Artwork - She Don't Know Part II - Nucleus | Art Gallery and Store

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`Воображариум доктора Парнаса` Терри Гиллиама (Etoday) (via Loistava by *Not1me on deviantART


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forgetfoo. it’s just a pixel, baby.

Who Killed Bambi?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hands for Drawing -

Hands for Drawing -

Beauty Parade Covers

Vampirella Covers

Creative Illustration. Andrew Loomis, 1947.

Creative Illustration. Andrew Loomis, 1947.

From the blurb to later editions: ‘Intended for the artist who wishes to make illustration a career, rather than for the early efforts of the beginner or for those who draw for a hobby, Creative Illustration is a real professional course in the subject, worth many times its price.’ 300 pages divided into seven sections: Line, Tone and Color were the three introductory parts. Then 4 sections - Telling the Story, Creating Ideas, Fields of Illustration, and Experimenting and Studies. The Color section was in colour - not common in 1947. The book is filled with instructions, tips, insider experiences, and vivid illustrations.

One seller, who claims thah he has sold more art books by Loomis than anyone else says:’ Every chapter, every page, every picture is prime information for the artist and Loomis manages to convey it clearly and concisely. Creative Illustration is a dynamite book!’ Art students and designers used to bring Loomis books back from America years ago, more as a period piece or as kitsch and I had thought it passé but it’s still going strong. In this Post Modern age no style ever seems to go out of fashion - somewhere people are still going crazy about Art Deco or Memphis or muttering about Wiener Werkstatte, so Loomis is still as wanted as he ever was.

Female Anatomy for the Artists

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La Ballerina (3) (via tsevis)

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sensuality_art: Freckles in color


Will Cotton

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