Thursday, February 18, 2016

Create Your Own Marvel Marvel Registered Trademark Name Banner for Facebook

Created using the Bebas Font and a Registered Trademark PNG File.

Using Photoshop Type your name and bring up the Character Panel from The Windows Menu across the top of Photoshop.


Highlight your text, make sure your chosen Bebas Font is selected, then using the character window adjust Horizontal Tracking from 0 to minus 100 shown here as 0 highlighted in red.

Could She Escape Found Poem

Monday, February 01, 2016

Messing Around Making Gifs


Sharing small GIFs to Tumblr (Less than 2mb) Works well for sharing directly to Facebook but for larger GIFs I am using Giphy, this let's me host GIFs without a file size limit, so I get to experiment without the constrictions of where I'm going to host it.

It would be nice to have more space for hosting GIFs on Tumblr and Facebook should also allow direct hosting of Gifs.

Some of my smaller GIFs have gone straight to tumblr so not everything I create get's uploaded to Giphy.

At least Blogger lets me share the GIF right away.

There is some sense in the world.