Sunday, January 24, 2016

My First Green Juice

 My First Green Juice: Kale, Lemon, Cucumber, Apple and Celery.

My First Green Juice

I know I'm probably lagging behind a lot of you, but this is my first green juice. Here is the ingredients I used:

2 x Lemons
Kale - (A couple of handfuls)
1 x Apple (Only had one left)
Celery x 3 (About three good sized stalks)
Half a cucumber.

It is an easy recipe, if you can call it that and one similar to that used on the documentary Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 

Well I won't teach your grandmother to suck eggs but it's not bad. Although a little 'too green tasting' and smells of grass. I could easily add kiwi or strawberries to sweeten it some more. I've got some strawberries so I'll try that later. It's surprising what works well together in these juice recipes, the carrot apple and ginger juice is a winner.

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