Thursday, January 28, 2016

Today's Green Juice Recipe (Actually Tasty!)

Today's Green Juice Recipe 

Two Handfulls of Baby Leaf Kale 
2 Apples 
2 Small Limes
1 Kiwi
A Small Half of Cucumber
A Small Handful of Mint

That Juice was far more delicious than my last effort which tasted like grass. This one didn't smell bad at all and tasted surprisingly great! So I guess my Super Juice Spidey senses are working when it comes to choosing the right ingredients. 

I am very pleased because the last one was not so nice. Yes this one was actually very nice I will definitely be repeating this recipe.

I've put together the Photo Montage to show you the juice and it's ingredients. 

Other things to consider adding, Basil or another Herb. 

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