Thursday, October 20, 2011

Art as a means of opposing the stimulus of ambition, greed and power

Art as a means of opposing the stimulus of ambition, greed and power. by

Violence and fascism are silent phenomena. You come along on slippers. They play on the piano, the Hail Mary. There are the good guys who destroy the world (Achternbusch).
The idler, the customized, thinking lazy.

The Thirties teach us how arises a norm from the group dynamics of belief in authority and adaptation. And, finally, even mass murder of many people appear normal by internalization, habituation and training.
In true perception of our recent two state systems, we can sharpen similarities and perplexities. We recognize that old antagonisms have become often questionable: right - left, outsiders - Leader, achievers - disabled ...

Work sets you free. But does any (non-specific) wage-labor really free? Do we have some in discipline and order of the exclusionary censorship system degrade our children still have to pay and numbers? 1925 tapferten the black camisole - Schutzstaffeln our Flicks, Krupp and Thyssen with chainsaw and gas cylinder around the Haus der Deutschen Kunst ... (Today with crane and wrecking ball) and sang Nix know see nothing, only koofen?

20 years later is the German national anthem: We did not know anything. Today: Can you do anything?
What to do. As much money is verballert research bodies and advertising agencies: You are Germany.
But solidarity and sense of community can not be imposed by the state. They are based in individual education and understanding personal experience. Could art be the vehicle to recognize and strengthen their own sensibility and individuality the hidden structures of violence: Art as a means of opposing impulses of lust for power, lust for power and - on the other hand - to compensate for submission longing? Patient Germany: not cosmetically cover the conflict. But to solve looking for.
Tackling instead abkacken how the youth says.
You are Holocaust. But you are also risk and opportunity.

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