Thursday, October 27, 2011

Analogue Photography Outing; The Door

This shoot is of a door from the salvage yard at Whitby. I conceived the idea originally to say something about the environment. That it is not us our selves, but the environment that shapes and defines us. 
In the end the pictures said something about the passage of time, how we can go from one place to the next and close the door on the past as if it was never there. 
I used a model for this shoot where originally, when I conceived the idea for shooting a door, I was only going to shoot an inanimate object, the door itself, as my main subject. 
This formed part of the process as originally I had intended to work fully independent of anybody else. 
It was very important to get a door with a frame attached to it. I was lucky. I set out to get one like that because I wanted to say something about how the environment shapes us, and if we change the environment, we change ourselves, I wanted to take the inside, out, to demonstrate this point. 
These are multiple exposures shot on Ilford HP 400 black & White film, developed and printed with chemicals onto silver gelatine paper. 
The old fashioned way is softer, you are not staring at hard edged pixels but the infinite analog production of film photography, although these images obviously are digital scans I wanted to use an analogue medium that reflected the infinite story of time.

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