Sunday, October 02, 2011

Clear Blue - No not the pregnancy test..

There is something about the simple cheeky fun in a digital collage like this which makes it too tempting not to have a go.

Many collages are overly cluttered or stylised in such a way that it becomes hard to break away from the mould, especialy if you have had success.

The author of this image is anonymous. A Google search reveals similar images but nothing more.

The use of geometric shapes to breathe life into otherwise ordinairy images is a common theme in digital image manipulation, and I like it. I like it a lot.

Art doesn't have to be complicated. In fact the opposite is true, sometimes reducing things down to the bare lines makes things seem clearer and easier to read.

This is true in this instance; a slightly of kilter triangle depicts an image within an image, similar colours help gel the two together, one a stark landscape, the other a crotch shot of a model in lingerie.


Clearly this is what would be on my mind in such a desolate landscape, with nothing but clear blue sky and blue thoughts to keep things moving a long nicely.

There may be more to this image than meets the eye, but for me it is enough just to know it exists and I enjoy it's simplicity. And rudeness. I enjoy that too.

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